Saturday, April 16, 2005

All Malaysia Skinheads Hate Police?????

It's Friday night in Kuala Lumpur. Two Malaysian skinheads named Eddie and Kad are heading to a studio where some bands are practicing for tomorrow's big Oi! Fest at the Imperial Sheraton. Their car stereo plays tapes from local skin bands. Eddie points out one song that sounds like a reggae anthem, "We All Stand Together Cause We Are the Skins," by Roots and Boots (one of the most popular skinhead bands in KL).

The skinhead movement that has taken root in Malaysia is based on the original blueprint of working-class pride, beer, Oi! and ska, and hanging out almost exclusively at all-dude parties. (For some reason, 90% of girls avoid these dudes as if they were walking nerd penises wrapped in an AIDS shawl.)

Despite the lack of racial tension, being a skinhead in Malaysia has been illegal for a few years. That's right, Eddie and Kad are breaking the law simply by having shaved heads and wearing Dr. Martens. In the two most Islamic states (Terangganu and Kelantan), skinheads are uniformly rounded up by police and thrown in jail. Officials say this is because anti-Muslim neo-Nazis are the number one cause of crime in the country. The skinheads say this is old news, and they claim it wasn't them anyways, it was a small crowd of Nazi punks. No matter what the impetus is behind this tension, the point is that today all the skinheads (racist and non-) are united under one great big banner of hatred: the police.

"You can tell who's racist or not by the red or white laces" Eddie explains, "but we all hate the police. They're making our lives hell." In a city of 1.8 million, these Malaysian skinheads are a speck of dust, but the cops continue to harass them under the guise of protecting Muslims. "They don't understand that this is not Indonesia," Eddie says. "We're not greeting Chinese immigrants with a burning tire and we're not firebombing Muslims. We're just music fans that are proud to be Malaysian."

At the practice space we meet Sod, the singer of Roots and Boots. "I get all my energy from what the cops do to us," he says. "We're not drug addicts, and we all have jobs. They just don't like the fact we have our own culture and our own rules. Our songs are about praising all Malaysians for our national identity, but the cops arrest us and call it a cult. Whenever they see a bunch of skins together, they round them up and handcuff them. They lock everyone down and then give them all piss tests to see if they're getting high. Usually it's over in a half hour and the show goes on. I fucking hate the cops."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i really like to know more about skinhead. I want to do research about skinhead for my final project

12:29 PM  
Blogger bear_69 said...

i've over heard the song from the 4 skins.. the title is 'chaos'.. maybe they have played it live.. i don't know.. but they've said that "not all coppers are bastard and not all teenagers are trouble like us".. what's the meaning of it?

6:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what are you fight for skinhead..?for who..?who are you as malaysian..?And for nazi skin..what muzik u lisent..?is that from you own race..?and if not for what u been racid..fuck you all malaysian skin head

11:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"not all coppers are bastards and not all teenagers are trouble MAKERS" interpret that how you want. i just wanted to point out that you heard it wrong.

3:58 PM  
Blogger skunk69 said...

skinheads is what you are wanna be... and all the avtivites are individual.. dont blame just straight to a skins.. but its came from his own..

6:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

skin heads are for whites malaysians are poofy tryhards

11:49 AM  
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